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We are a website design and development company for small business, creating and maintaining informational and e-commerce websites.  

What is the difference in what we charge for a website and what other website design companies charge for their services?  Mainly overhead such as offices, advertising cost, etc.  We don't have fancy offices but we save people money. You can usually pay $1000 or less with us or spend a lot more with them.  Wouldn't you have rather that $$?


Informational websites

Companies use informational websites to display their work and describe their services, while actual transactions and service delivery takes place offline. The main purpose of an informational website is to allow your target audience to get to know more about you and your business.

E-commerce websites

Ecommerce websites give your target audience the ability to buy your products and services directly from your business. This saves you a lot of expenses and gives your audience convenience. With a well designed and developed e-commerce website, your customers can purchase your products or services from practically anywhere, and at any time.

Multilingual Websites 

If you want your website in more than one language,  we can make your website multilingual. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After your website is complete, your website information will be submitted to the search engines

so that when someone does a search, your website is listed at the top.  Unfortunately, this is not an overnight process and takes time.  

Did you know?

19.1% of global retail sales are now done online. 

If your business does not have a website, you are missing out on online exposure.  How many times have you searched for a product or service online? Think about it this way, when you have a website, you are putting your business in front of millions of potential customers!  A website gives your customers the capability to purchase your products or services anytime day or night, even while you are asleep.

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